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 Dr. Mulligan is an American Board of Dermatology board certified licensed Dermatologist devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of the skin.  Dermatology is a medical subspecialty that focuses on conditions of the skin. A Dermatologist addresses the health and disease of skin, hair, nails, and mucosa, and are experts in the anatomy, function, surgery and pathology of the skin. She is uniquely trained in clinical medicine, tissue pathology and surgery pertaining to the skin. 


 Being a healthy person and looking your best is an important part of everyone's life. There are many ways in which Dr. Mulligan helps patients feel great about themselves, and maintain healthy looking skin. Westshore Dermatology is dedicated to offering the best cosmetic procedures, and using only state-of-the- art equipment for our patients.

Medical Derm:

Cosmetic Derm:

  • Laser Hair Removal

 • Neuro Modulators

 • Dermabrasion

 • Microneedling

 • Chemical Peels

 • Ear Piercing